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What is Digital Labor?

Are we all working for digital platforms? This is the question posed by a new field of research: digital labor. Web companies use personal data to create considerable value —but what do we get in return? Antonio Casilli, a researcher at Télécom ParisTech and a specialist in digital labor, will give a conference on this […]


Data governance: trust it (or not?)

The original version of this article (in French) was published in the quarterly newsletter no. 20 (March 2021) of the Values and Policies of Personal Information (VP-IP) Chair. On 25 November 2020, the European Commission published its proposal for the European data governance regulation, the Data Governance Act (DGA) which aims to “unlock the economic and societal potential of data and […]


From personal data to artificial intelligence: who benefits from our clicking?

Clicking, liking, sharing: all of our digital activities produce data. This information, which is collected and monetized by big digital information platforms, is on its way to becoming the virtual black gold of the 21st century. Have we all become digital workers? Digital labor specialist and Télécom ParisTech researcher Antonio Casilli has recently published a […]


Rethinking ethics in social networks research

Antonio A. Casilli, Télécom ParisTech – Institut Mines-Télécom, University of Paris-Saclay and Paola Tubaro, Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) [dropcap]R[/dropcap]esearch into social media is booming, fueled by increasingly powerful computational and visualization tools. However, it also raises some ethical and deontological issues that tend to escape the existing regulatory framework. The economic implications of large scale data […]


The major transformations of the 21st century: “the humanities and social sciences are essential”

New materials, artificial intelligences, green energy, virtual reality, 5G… so many new innovations are impacting our society. The transformations they bring about result in changes to organizations, and redefine the role humans play in their environment, in both the professional and private realms. According to Christian Roux, Executive VP for Research and Innovation at IMT, […]


Antonio Casilli

Télécom Paris | #SocialNetworks #digitallabor #privacy [toggle title=”Find all his articles on I’MTech” state=”open”] From personal data to artificial intelligence: who benefits from our clicking? We need to rethink the ethics of research into social media What is Digital Labor? [/toggle] Discover his blog


From epertise in telecommunications networks to the performance of electricity grids

From networks to everyday objects, the internet has radically changed our environment. From the main arteries to the smallest vessels, it is embedded in such a large number of the most banal objects that it puts a strain on the energy bill. Yet now communicating objects can exchange information to optimize their electricity consumption. After […]